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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on Dentures
...Pressure transmitted by dentures through the gums to the bone can accentuate this process, which is called Dystrophy Atrophy Hypertrophy None of the above A device that replaces a missing body part such as an arm or leg, eye, tooth or teeth is referred to as Robotic Imaginary Exotic Prosthetic When teeth have to be extracted, bone loss can be minimized by bone grafting...

Regenerating Lost Bone Can Make Dental Implants a Reality
... But that doesn’t have to be the end of the story: it’s quite possible to regenerate enough bone to support implants through bone grafting...

Before we Extract That Problem Tooth, Let's Consider Saving it
...We may also need to provide further assistance to these tissues to regenerate through gum or bone grafting...

Charlize Theron Back in Action After Dental Surgery
...At first, she thought it was a cavity — but later, she found out it was more serious: One tooth needed a root canal, and the other had to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant — but first, a bone grafting procedure was needed...

Crazy Little Thing Called... Hyperdontia?
... After extraction, some bone grafting material may be placed in the tooth socket and gauze may be applied to control bleeding; sutures (stitches) are sometimes used as well...

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