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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on Dentures
...adults have lost all their teeth, there are a large number Americans who wear full removable dentures, also known as false teeth...

Do Your Dentures and Mouth a Favor: Take Them Out at Night
People who’ve lost all their teeth have benefitted from a solution that’s been around for generations: removable dentures...

Tooth Loss: A Health Risk for Older Adults
...There are several ways to replace a full set of missing teeth, including removable dentures, overdentures, and fixed dentures: Removable dentures are the classic replacement teeth that you put in during the day and take out at night...

5 Ways to Make Your Smile More Confident and Inviting
...Implants can be used for single teeth or as supports for fixed bridgework or removable dentures...

Bad Breath (halitosis)
...If you wear removable dentures, take them out at night and clean them thoroughly before replacing them...

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